A staff development course for learning about the new features of Moodle 2.

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This is a "mystery" webquest for students of French who have some experience of the present and perfect tenses. It uses Google Streetview. Instructions and questions are in English, but interviews are in French with tapescripts provided at the end of the tasks. The webquest was created by Vincent Everett of Northate High Dereham UK and adapted for Moodle by Mary Cooch. The course makes use of Conditional Activities to restrict access to the clues.

This free course has been downloaded from Moodle Mooch

This is a Mystery course which makes heavy use of Conditional activities to gradually reveal the answer to the mystery (What are we learning today?) and move forward the learning. If you access this as a student you will only see one item and the others will reveal themselves as you go along. If you access it as a teacher, check out the teacher's instructions in topic 5 (hidden from students) Download this course from MOOCH here

This is a course for students aged around 8 - 10 years old. It serves as an introduction to Google Earth/Google Maps and deals with the Geography of Place. Conditional activities are set so that once the students have watched the video and click the tick, all the activities will then appear. It was originally used in Our Lady's High School Preston by Mary Cooch.