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    Boat Building

    We understand that the jump between secondary school and college can feel like a big one and we want to make sure that your transition is as smooth as possible. So to help prepare you for starting with us in September, our industry specialist teaching staff have put together a selection of resources and learning materials for each of our courses. Please click on your course below to download the resource:

    • This is you opportunity to meet the Boat Building Team.
    • We are looking forward to you joining us in the autumn. You may have studied this subject already or this might be completely new to you. Whatever your starting point, we are ready to support you with your learning. You will find a range of resources below to help you prepare for your course. Keep notes about what you have found out or learnt to support your learning later on.
    • Live projects boats are how our learners practice and develop their new found skills. Here are some of our completed projects from recent years; you will be involved with similar boat projects throughout your Boatbuilding course at Falmouth Marine School.

    • Boat Building history 'Re-Energised' with a New Cornish gig 

      Read all about the project HERE

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