Message from RLO about licensed meets
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Subject:Fw: Meet Licensing

Hi All
I have been asked to drop everyone an email and clarify the meet Licensing and post meet report process.
Meet Licence Application
Applications must be received by the RLO at least two months prior to the first day of the meet. The application must be on the attached form    0) Licence_Application_Form.
The form should be emailed in word doc format (Not PDF or JPEG). The form content must not be amended or edited – This is forwarded to the ASA by the RLO
If applying for a Level 4 Licence the application must be accompanied by a payment of £25.00 (this is for the year of competition not a 12 month period).
Qualifying Times
Qualifying times must respect the level of the meet. Any times deemed to be set incorrectly will be retuned for amendments.
Level 3    for County & Regional qualification        Level 1 & 2    for Regional and National Qualification
Accepting / Confirming Entries
From today (19/04/2016) promoters cannot accept / confirm entries with the entering clubs until - meet timings and full programme have been agreed by the RLO. A copy of the the start time each day, meet timings report and the programme should be forwarded to the RLO and copied into Robert Margetts. Once okayed you can send your confirmations as usual.
If the meet is deemed to be over accepted you will be asked to re-access the entry and then resend your timings and programme until we feel it will work in the time allowed.
Robert Margetts has provided some advice on meet timings Event timings should be using 45 seconds between heats and 60 seconds between backstroke heats. If your session is due to run over the allowed three hours you must plan in a schedule break    20 minutes must be the minimum comfort break time
The meet timings must be okayed by the RLO before you can accept any entries.
Post Meet Reports
The attached reports must be returned as below
0) Promoter Report                                        within 14 days of the meet finishing    Typed and emailed as a word doc by the Promoter    (Not hand written, PDF or JPEG).
0) Referee Report                                          within 14 days of the meet finishing    Typed and emailed as a word doc by the Lead Referee    (Not hand written, PDF or JPEG).
0) Technical Officials attendance Sheet       within 14 days of the meet finishing    Typed and emailed as a Excel doc by the Promoter or Referee    (Not hand written, PDF or JPEG).
Results to Rankings
These must be with Rankings within five days of the meet finishing     Please note that any overdue submissions could result in the times being rejected by Rankings.
Post meet payments
These should arrive in the ASA SW Bank account with 14 days of the meet finishing. The payment can be made by BACS of by cheque. If by BACS the account details are as follows:-
Lloyds TSB    ASA South West Region    Sort Code: 30-90-54     Acc. Number: 04630209    you should ask the person paying the fee to screen shot the payment and email a copy to me.
If paying by cheque the cheque should reach me within 14 days.
Officials Qualifications
Please see the first tab of the    0) Technical Officials attendance Sheet       to ensure you have the correct cover of officials at the meet you are running.
Do not be offended if I ask for clarification, my lists from the ASA are out of date the day I receive them so sometimes I do need to check officials qualifications. 
My contact details (I have moved)
6 Crosstrees, Royal Wootton Basset, Wiltshire. SN4 8FB    Tel: 01793 852287    Mob: 07707 470100    Email:
I hope this will help and I appreciate your consideration with this.
Many thanks
ASA South West RLO
Mob: 07707 470 100
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