ASA Swimming Officials Group Update - 06/07/16

Subject: ASA Swimming Officials Group

Sent: Wed, 6 Jul 2016 9:52

In addition to the recent notification of a change to the ASA's Open Water Officials representative, there are two further changes for your records. Again after many years of service between them, Ann van Beukelen and Fred Murray are stepping down from their regional coordinators roles in London and the North East respectively. They will be replaced by Christine Golightly and Ralph Shortland.  On behalf of the ASA Swimming Officials Group I would like to thank both Ann and Fred and welcome Christine and Ralph.


To confirm the recent changes


Open Water - Paul Kendal or 07799-831168

London - Ralph Shortland or 07595-172900

North East - Christine Golightly or 01388-602890


Mark Davies


ASA Swimming Officials Group

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