CCASA Eligibility Rules

County Loyalty: A swimmer can only swim in the calendar events for one County in any given year. So in 2018 if they choose to swim in the CCASA Junior Interclub, County Championship and Age Groups etc they must not enter or swim for any other county that same year. (start in Cornwall and remain in Cornwall) – i.e. eligibility rule 5.
Eligibility rules
These eligibility rules may only be changed by a general meeting of the Association.
1.         ASA Laws & Regulations: Competitions shall be open to competitors eligible according to ASA Laws and Regulations who meet the other conditions for eligibility set out below.
2.         Residence: To be eligible swimmers must ordinarily reside in Cornwall or neighbouring Devon. (For the sake of clarification swimmers who spend term time outside the county for educational purposes but otherwise meet this residential condition are eligible. Likewise swimmers at educational institutions in Cornwall during term time are eligible.)
3.         Club membership: To be eligible a swimmer must also be a member of a CCASA affiliated club and registered with the ASA as a member of a CCASA affiliated club for not less than 60 days immediately prior to the competition or the first day of a series of competitions. The swimmer must compete for one club only for the duration of the competition or series of competitions, which must be the club in whose name he or she entered the competition or series of competitions. [Note: This means that a swimmer can change from one CCASA affiliated club to another during the 60 day period but not after the entry date.]
4.         Club membership: To be eligible a swimmer must be a genuine active member of a CCASA affiliated club who commonly trains with that club under whose name he or she is entered into the competition and it is expected that their first county loyalty will be to Cornwall swimming. To achieve this it is stipulated that a competitor entering any CCASA Competition must perform the majority of his or her training with a club or clubs affiliated to the CCASA during the qualifying periods of residence in the County or neighbouring county as required by the residence rule (Rule 2) above.
5.         County loyalty: No competitor competing for any other county in the same discipline in the same year may compete in competitions promoted by CCASA. (Except in an Inter County Competition or an invitation event promoted by CCASA).
6.         Members of H.M. Forces: Members of H.M. Forces based in Cornwall who are registered in accordance with ASA Laws and Regulations may enter CCASA competitions without being a member of a CCASA affiliated club. Neither members of H.M. Forces based in Cornwall, nor their spouses or children, will be subject to the 60 day rule. However their spouses or children must be members of a CCASA affiliated club and adhere to the other eligibility rules.
7.         Protests & complaints: Any protest or complaint regarding implementation of the rules may require clubs to provide supporting documentation or other evidence. Such protests or complaints will be dealt with in accordance with ASA laws.
8.         Extenuating circumstances: Regardless of the above eligibility rules, in the interests of the sport in cases of extenuating circumstances, the CCASA officers shall decide whether a swimmer will be allowed to compete. Their decision will be final. Their decisions will relate to individual swimmers and will not set binding precedents, but may be taken into consideration in future decisions.
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