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Following recent instances where it has been reported that the correct processes have not been followed with regard to protests and appeals during events, I have been asked to draw your attention  the following guidelines in the 2017 ASA Handbook. The full guidelines can be found at pages 87-90.


Page 88

Appointment of a Jury of Appeal

A promoter can appoint a Jury of Appeal. If one is appointed then the responsibility for dealing with Protests remains with the Referee but the Referee’s decision on a protest made to him may be appealed directly to the Jury of Appeal.

ASA Regulations now require, wherever practicable, that a Jury of Appeal be appointed for all licensed events, including County events. The Jury must consist of three persons of whom normally at least one must be familiar with the discipline concerned. Prior to the competition commencing one member of the Jury should be appointed as Chairman and another as Secretary. The members of the Jury should be available immediately but shall not undertake any administrative or officiating duties during the competition.


The Referee should be told whether a Jury of Appeal is being appointed. The Promoter has no power to deal with a protest. It can only be dealt with by the Referee. This may mean the Promoter has to appoint the Referee well before the date of the event and pass on the protest to him. The Promoter should provide the Referee with a copy of the Competition Conditions before the event.

Where more than one referee has been appointed for a competition comprising swimming races, one of their number shall be appointed and empowered, from the date upon which entries to that competition close, as the lead referee. The lead referee shall receive all protests of a general nature (e.g. a protest which covers more than one specific event). However if a protest relates to a specific event then the referee responsible for that event must also be responsible for the protest.


Page 90

If the protest cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of all the parties concerned then they must be informed of their rights of appeal. These include not only the right to appeal against the Referee’s decision to the Jury of Appeal if there is one, or straight to the Judiciary if there isn’t. The requisite appeal form can be obtained from the Judicial Administrator at the ASA Office of Judicial Administration.


Please feel free to share this information with any within your club who fulfil the role of promoter and do not receive Swimming Officials News.


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