ASA Criteria for the Training of Officials at ASA Licensed Meets



Following the circulation of this document via the ASA Regional Officials Co-ordinators earlier this year, it appears that confusion has arisen in some quarters.


These criteria do not prohibit the training of officials at ASA Level 1 and 2 Licensed Meets.


Level 1 and Level 2 Licensed Meets

Given that Officials are required to be both qualified and licensed in the role which they are performing, trainee officials shall be permitted to attend and observe all aspects of officiating at meets licensed at levels 1 and 2, in order that they can gain valuable experience of meets at these levels and how they are run.


Mentoring must be to a level of one to one and should an infringement be observed it will be the qualified official who completes and submits both the verbal and written disqualification report to the referee. (Though clearly, the trainee will be afforded the opportunity to practice/experience both the delivery of the verbal report and the compilation of the written disqualification report).


J2(S) trainees will not be permitted to “start” at meets Licensed at levels 1 and 2. However they shall be permitted to shadow the qualified starter, practice/be mentored in voice projection/clarity and use the starting equipment and start (with no swimmers).


Trainee Referees can undertake practical training at Level 1 and 2 meets subject to the same criteria i.e. 1 to 1 mentoring with all decisions being the ultimate responsibility of the qualified and licensed Referee who is mentoring them.


However, Referee candidates are reminded of point 1 on their record of poolside duties form:


1.     Your Mentor (who shall be appointed by your Course Leader prior to the event) shall sign to indicate that duties were carried out successfully - no other referee may sign off the “duty”


Any queries regarding training and mentoring resulting from this document should be addressed in the first instance to your Regional Officials Co-ordinator.


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Helen Akers

Swimming Officials Coordinator


Last modified: Saturday, 16 May 2015, 9:49 AM