Criteria for selection of swimmers for 2018 at County level

Appendix 7 County Programme: Swimmer Selection Policy


Minimum activity level: Attendance at three x one day events in April, July, October (various dates/locations within the County).


A minimum of 24 swimmers (12 Male/ 12 Female) and a maximum of 36 (18 Male/ 18 Females) will be selected as follows: NB: if counties do have the minimum number of swimmers they can reduce as required, or take more swimmers of one particular gender.


The ASA rankings data base will be used for selection purposes. Only times achieved between September 1st 2017 and the Monday following the final County Championship weekend in 2018, will be considered.


Swimmers must have competed in a least one event at the County Championships (extenuating circumstances such as illness/ injury should however be considered where possible). Swimmers are selected based upon their county of representation and not their club. The highest ranked 11 year old Male and Female (age as at 31st December in the year of competition), in each event competed at County Championships will be initially selected.

Further selections will be made from the 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc ranked swimmers. Where swimmers have an equal ranking, selections will be made prioritised according to the highest Fina Point Score in a single event.


Selections can be from either short or long course rankings but should be congruent with your County Championships mode (for example, if your County Championships are held in a long course pool, then long course rankings should be used for selection purposes and vice versa).

Swimmer selections must be completed within one week of the completion of the County Championships. Swimmers and Home Coaches must be informed within two weeks of the completion of the County Championships.


Swimmers must reply to confirm whether they will be accepting or declining their place on the programme within three weeks of the completion of the County Championships Swimmers should only be selected if they are indicating that they can commit to the full three day programme. If they subsequently are unavailable for all three no refund should be given and no additional swimmers invited thus avoiding unnecessary disruption to the programme.


Any reserve swimmers and their respective Home Coaches should then be informed within four weeks of the completion of the County Championships.

All places on the programme must be filled and all paperwork returned by the end of March 2018, ready for the first camp of the programme which is scheduled to take place in April 2018.


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