Opportunities for Young Volunteers



We have some Regional events coming up which  will give the opportunity for Young Volunteers on the Regional YV programme to volunteer regionally .

Would you  please circulate to your Young Volunteers ( from this or previous years programme ) 

If any are interested would you please ask them ( their parents if under 18 ) to contact me (jackiehilleard@gmail.com) with details of the dates that they can do and the role that they may be interested in.

In regards to the May event I will need to let the Swimming Committee know asap .


Events and roles as follows :

Regional Swimming Champs 

May 4th, 5th and 6th at Plymouth

May 12th and 13th at Hengrove ( Bristol) 

May 18th and 19th  at Millfield .


Relay Gala  September 22nd at Millfield 


Winter Champs 

November 2nd and 3rd at Millfield .


Roles include , Warm Up Marshalls, Swimmer Marshalls, recorders/general support.

Announcers  (on May 6th,  May 12th and both days at Millfield )      


   Kind Regards


Jackie Hilleard

Regional Development Coordinator 

On Behalf of Swim England South West 

Please note my hours are part time 


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