Notification of updated results for Event 4


An error has been identified in the recording of the results for Event 4. The error has been corrected and the results checked by the Lead Referee.  The amended results and amended team scores are attached. The effect is to relegate St Ives A from 1st to 4th and to advance St Austell A from joint 2nd to 1st, Penzance A from joint 2nd to 2nd and Carn Brea Helston from 4th to 3rd. The Promoter will arrange for 1st place medals to be presented to St Austell A and 3rdplace medals to be awarded to Carn Brea Helston A. In the circumstances the swimmers from St Ives A will not be asked to return the medals awarded to them on Sunday.


The correction doesn’t change the overall ranking of the teams; Carn Brea Helston were 1st with 214 points, St Austell were 2nd with 196 points and Penzance were 3rd with 189 points.


Please accept our apologies for the error.



Last modified: Wednesday, 4 February 2015, 8:10 AM