Licensing clarification of conditions - received from RLO 20/01/16

Please find below an email received from the Regional licencing officer concerning criteria for licenced meets .please note that in paragraph  4 where there it states (cannot accept swimmers you know are to fast for the QT’s applied)  it should actually read cannot accept swimmers you know are too fast for the cut off times applied .
 paragraph 9 refers to Hy-Tek users .
 thank you
Lesley (CCASA Comp. Sec.)

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Hi All
The criteria for running level 1 – Level 4 meets remains as the document attached (in following folder) but at a recent meeting of the RLO’s in Loughborough it was pointed out that clubs were applying conditions to their meets that were not allowed or fair to the swimmers entering. We were asked to make sure clubs were not writing certain things into their conditions.
1)    Promoters cannot insist that clubs provide officials for their meets and certainly cannot accept swimmers from clubs that do provide officials at the detriment of the faster swimmers or first in clubs.
Promoters cannot accept swimmers of Officials, poolside helpers or meet staff at the detriment of swimmers who meet the conditions that were Licensed.
However promoters can request that clubs supply officials.
2)    Promoters cannot accept swimmers into their meets just because they live further away or are bringing large groups of swimmers. Promoters must follow through with their conditions under all circumstance.    A. Fastest swimmers first    B. First come first Serve    c. Named clubs only, and so on.
However if you are expecting or have invited swimmers from clubs abroad and they have to book flights and hotels you can write in a condition allocating those swimmers a certain amount of places in your meet.
3)    Once a Licence has been issued the Promoter cannot change their Conditions unless they reapply for a new Licence or get the approval of the RLO. So saying the Promoter reserves the right to change any of the above conditions is not allowed. You can say that in the case of an emergency or situations out of your control, during the running of the meet the conditions may be changed to ensure the smooth running of the meet.
4)    Promoters must respect the Level of the meet both with the QT’s they set and with the swimmers they accept. So at a Level 3 meet you cannot accept swimmers you know are to fast for the QT’s applied. If your meet is under subscribed and you need to accept more swimmers to ensure the meet can run you could invite these swimmers as Time Trials but only if no Level 3 swimmer has been rejected. QT’s must not be detrimental to the level of swimmer you are running the meet for. Please check ranking times if you are unsure. The ASA no longer provides guide times for the level of meet but rankings will allow you to set these adequately.
5)    The following competitions are now on protected dates and the South West will not Licence certain meets:
    a    All National Competitions, including National Teams event     (Level 3 & 4 meets can run)
    b    All Regional Competitions    (ASA South West will protect    All May dates only L3 and L4 - July Sprints L4 only - Winter SC Meet only L3 & L4 )
    c    All County Dates    (ASA South West will only allow a Level 1 or 2 meet to run if no Counties in the South West are holding a Championship Competition on the date requested) However Level 4 meets can run for any swimmer not qualified for Counties.
6)    Attached is a reminder of the requirements / criteria for the County Competitions
7)    Calendar Congestion and increased pressure on Officials. It has been agreed that the South West will only Licence the following meets each month going forward
Each County can run    2 x L1 or L2    &    2 x L3 or LL4        Clubs can continue to run L4 club meets at any time but must be aware that they may need to staff with their own officials. This allows up to 24 meets per month in the South West. We hope this will help with the availability of Officials and stop the dilution of meets by to many running at the same time.
8)    Return of Post meet forms to the RLO and Times to rankings
Post meet forms must be with the RLO within 14 days of the meet completion. This includes any fee owing, I have attached the required forms.
Times must be sent to rankings within 5 days of the meet completion – If they do not arrive on time rankings may refuse to load them.
Any swimmer who is not registered as a Cat 2 swimmer for a L1, L2 or L3 - swimmer will be automatically upgraded to Cat 2 and the club will be sent the bill.
9)    Hy Tek users. Please ensure you only use the swimmer full Birth name not nick names when submitting results to rankings. Any swimmer who does not load because of incorrect submission of names will not be chased and will not be loaded.
10)    The Regions have tried to work with clubs through the period of change, but in some cases there has been difficulty in getting them to accept help. The threat of not having future licences granted usually has the desired effect. It was agreed that the bottom line is if clubs want a licence for their event then they must meet the criteria. If they do not meet the criteria the South West will not grant a Licence for the next 12 months.
11)    Officials - The ASA SOG are to be asked for their views as to how long a J1/2/S candidate can reasonably be expected to be “in training”. Response on this question TBC
It was agreed that all Lead Referees must also hold a current officials licence. Expenses should be offered to all officials who fulfil a role but it is acceptable to set a daily limit. They need not be offered to mentored officials.
If you have any questions about anything else that I have not covered above please let me know, but do be assured that nothing about meet Licensing has changed in terms of rules or criteria. Simply wording and ensuring meet conditions are fair to all swimmers and clubs entering.
Yours sincerely
Lesley Leffers
ASA South West RLO
Mob: 07707 470 100
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