Register of Image Recording Devices - ASA SPECIFIC

Above link: advice to welfare officers; Sent: Wed, 16 Nov 2016 15:14
Subject: Register of Image Recording Devices - ASA SPECIFIC
I have received a number of queries recently regarding the fact that there is no longer a requirement for clubs running events to maintain a register of devices which are capable of recording images.

This updated guidance was included in the attached document (above link), and notification was circulated to ALL ASA CLUB WELFARE OFFICERS earlier this year:

 There is no longer the requirement for any person attending an event to register any device they possess which is capable of recording images, as with technological development, this has proved no longer practical or beneficial.  

 Should you have any further queries around this, or any other safeguarding issue, please contact your Club Welfare Officer initially as per the guidance in the document.



Helen Akers

Swimming Officials Coordinator



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